How To Attract Talented Irish Employees To Your Company

21 Jan | By Smart MBS

How To Attract Talented Irish Employees To Your Company Ireland offers many attractions to companies of all sizes looking to relocate or to expand their already existing operations. Ireland’s low corporate tax rates and highly educated workforce have already prompted global giants like Facebook and Google to base themselves in this country.

Ireland still has a young population, and these workers are extremely well qualified, with excellent digital skills. Above all, they speak English, which is a particular bonus for UK companies weighing up their options in the run-up to Brexit. Attracting this skillset of workers can be a challenge when your company is on the move. What are these employees looking for and how can you convince them that your company is a good place to work?

At Smart MBS, we want to help you overcome these geographical and cultural barriers, so we’ve put together this article to give you an insight into what these employees expect of you. The skills of these millennials (age 25-35) and the up and coming Generation Z (age 25 and under) have a lot of demands and expectations of their employees. They know that their skills are much sought after, particularly in the finance and tech sectors, and they expect to be able to lay down the terms and conditions of their employment.

Here’s an outline of the expectations these employees have of you.

Flexible Hours

Technology makes it possible for people to work at any time and in any place. Younger employees want to be able to decide what hours they will work and where they will base themselves. They regard work-life balance as a priority and want to avail of working hours that will enable them to balance work with their personal and social commitments.

A survey by Flexjobs, a recruitment agency for people who want to work flexible hours, found that 85% of millennials want to work remotely all the time and that 84% of those millennials were driven by the desire for work-life balance. If you are an SME, you may wonder how you would sustain this, but an American study found that offering smart (flexible) work conditions to employees could save you almost €10,000 a year across the board. So, it’s definitely worth considering.

Show You Care

Younger employees have a strong awareness of issues like social justice and climate change, and they expect their employers to care about these issues too. In her book, Meet the Millennials, Lee Buchanon says that 70% of them are motivated by a desire to give back or be engaged in social causes.

They will look at your website to see if you have policies with regard to corporate social responsibility or climate change. They’ll also look for evidence that companies look after their employees’ physical wellbeing, such as mental health initiatives and healthy eating programmes. It does not need to be too formal. Social media posts showing campaigns and projects you’ve been involved in will be enough to draw their attention.

How to Access Your Dream Workforce

It can be hard to access the employees you want when you’re not in the country, but Smart MBS will help you tap into this pool of talented, motivated employees. We’ve developed streamlined HR processes that will help you recruit and these employees as quickly and efficiently as possible.


We don’t just offer HR expertise. We offer you a whole range of services that make it easier for you to relocate to Ireland. We can handle your banking, legal, payroll and tax obligations, and we can incorporate your company to give it legal status. We have the expertise to help you set up a strong base in Ireland, with the employees you want. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and we’ll get the ball rolling right away.

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